Discover PERFICE - an integrated logistics service provider. We offer solutions to all of your transportation needs.

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With a strong infrastructure and a modern fleet, PERFICE offers personalized solutions for companies that require large shipments on a regular basis.


This vehicle is ideal for off-road land transport and has a design suitable for heavy industry. It can also carry loads from 32 to 50 tons gross combination weight. (grain tipper conveyors, wood etc..)

Our Company

and its responsabilities

Since it began its operations in 2009, Perfice provides flexible and effective transportation and logistic services to meet its customers' needs and expectations and help them grow and compete in their market. We work to connect producer and industrial sectors with the most diverse markets and consumers, specializing mainly in the agricultural and livestock sector.

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Mision and Vision

We transport raw materials and/or other components to production sites to ensure compliance with delivery deadlines to any location.





We Provide:

We offer an integral service to transport containers, fertilizers, grains, seeds, and other products from the primary and manufacturing sectors. We provide access to any destination within Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and have a varied and efficient fleet of 25 trucks. We carry all kinds of loads: different types of grain, fertilizers, 40 or 20 or HQ containers, wood of any kind, ballast and supplies, etc. Our commitment to the development and growth of our customers is the guiding principle behind all of our operations. Please contact us for any additional information concerning your specific transportation needs!


Specialized in full freight, both on a national and international level, we offer our services to and for major national and Mercosur industrial areas.

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